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"Gary is a gifted photographer whose work has graced the pages of our publications for many years. He has the ability to capture the "personality" of his subjects and with gentle humour relax them during his "shoots" so as to get the best results. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a consummate professional, a creative mind and technical expertise.”

- D F.

"You are a Genus  behind  the Camera"

"You always exceed my highest expectations"

"I have hired Gary many times since 1998 to do family and professional portraits. He has the ability to efficiently take photographs that capture the essence of the individual while ensuring that the background is relevant. His compositions are interesting and unique yet they don't detract from the subject at hand. Gary spends a fair amount of time planning and setting up so that he can work quickly with the subject(s), which is particularly helpful when working with busy people, babies, children and with large numbers. The quality of his work and prints is excellent. And as a bonus, he is pleasant to be around. I absolutely recommend Gary for any type of portrait work." 

- Yvonne Fleck

"Gary was accommodating, professional and put me at at ease immediately, with great results. I highly recommend him." 

- K R

Hi Gary, I just wanted you to know how much fun I had during the session last week. You made it feel like playing in the light and that is truly how one creates beautiful art. Also just FYI my ego has returned to normal, (I hope). See you soon, thank you again.    

Best Regards, Maggie Broda President of OCAD University Alumni Association, Visual Artist

"Thank you for checking up on the portrait you just did for our firm . I was happy as always with the quality as well as delivery."

Have a great day.


"I've hired Gary twice to take family photos. The first shoot was a studio shoot; the second an outdoor shoot with Gary meeting us at a favourite spot on the Toronto Harbour twice because rain threatened during the first shoot and he wanted to get us better shots. We ordered several photos both times; have fond memories of the shoots themselves; treasure the photos as do the family members that received copies and have received several compliments. Even my teen sons enjoyed the shoots and liked the end result. Gary is a pleasure to work with!"

- V R


"A photograph starts with your appreciation and admiration of the world around you.

It’s literally your admiration that injects aesthetics into a scene.

It’s you and your sense of a scene; your intellect, emotion and the way you organize the elements of your subject, that creates a photograph.

You have created a photograph before you trigger the shutter." - GRR

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Workshops - Presentations

"You are a maestro of lighting and portrait photography and I was delighted to be able to absorb at least a thin veneer of your knowledge" - D.C.

"I really enjoyed you as a speaker. Well thought out and approachable workflow. Great to see a speaker not only acknowledge but embrace the power of Photoshop as part of their process. 

The results (sales) reinforced the presentation in a very clear way." - S J H

"A BIG THANK YOU for a great presentation!" 

"An informative presentation!" - Marlene

"I enjoyed Gary's presentation very much. As a photographer I always try to do things simpler, faster, better and he nailed it!" - Denise

"We had 67 people attend. I enjoyed that what is often considered a complex subject, you were able to make much easier to understand. You used very very good examples in both Lightroom and Photoshop. Greatly appreciated!"

- Ron Pereux Creative Director, Ajax Photo Club

"Thank you Gary for your ability to remove unnecessary complexities sometimes associated with photography and communicating to us simplistically and yet skillfully the fundamentals of optics and exposure. What I tried to learn in a formal organization in 3 months without success, I learned from you in a 2 hour class. Nothing else needs to be said except thank you." - E.C.

"I wish to express my thanks for such an informative and rewarding class. I'm very glad that I chose the one-on-one instruction and I am amazed by your sound knowledge and refined instructive methodology. Without making any assumptions of my understanding, you clearly and precisely defined the language of photography while ensuring that any misconceptions were cleared up and any questions that I had were answered. You married the theoretical with the practical so perfectly, that I am confident that I walked away with the hands-on knowledge and the foundation to immediately apply to my photography needs. I would not hesitate to recommend you and your school to anyone desiring to learn the foundation and application of the art."
Regards, S. P. Photographer for an Architectural firm

"Elaine and Gary are the kindest people I have had the luck to meet. Their expertise and encouragement is a huge lift for my evolution as a visual artist. Thank you for being so awesome!"

Much love,
Alex Wong

Gary I was so happy with your instruction and this incredible chance to photograph a world class ballet dancer. Even with the perfect set up you realize there are twenty details to consider. So how nice to know that I do in fact have so much to learn :)) You are clear and without judgement so nice. Thank you for the experience. P.C.

Dear Mr. Rush, 
"I would like to thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge and experience with students like myself. It is not often that a novice gets a chance to learn about the different aspects of photography- language, techniques - from an industry professional in his work environment. By combining theory and practice, using audio-visual aids, and most importantly, creating a student - centered learning environment, you have given me the base from which I can grow as an amateur photographer. I highly recommend these classes to anyone who wishes to learn the basics or improve their skills. Once again, thank you."
Yours truly, Ana A.

Thank you again for such an exciting and inspiring workshop. The combined expertise of you and the pro ballet/contemporary dancer made this workshop quite extraordinary. I was delighted to be part of it! D. P.

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