Organizing your photographs

I was asked a few months ago by the a very large corporation to come to their head office and conduct photography courses for those who monitor building maintenance, land and green spaces, Green Energy initiatives, accessibility and bike friendly initiatives, etc. This corporation owns a great deal of land and property. Photography plays a huge role in documenting all of these assets and keeping their photographs organized has become a priority. With an ever increasing number of photographs from many photographers being placed into a central storage devise, it’s no surprise why.

Over the past few months I’ve written and conduct classes for them focused on using Adobe Lightroom geared toward the organization of photographs. All attendees breathed a sigh of relief when they saw how metadata (text data attached to photos) could be used to locate any photograph by date and camera serial number. I taught the group about a well organized central and expandable Folder hierarchy, the extensive use of Keywords to quickly located photos across multiple Folders and how to keep track of photographs using the Lightroom Map module. The classes were very well received and their problems related to storing, organizing and sharing photographs amongst a team of users have been vanquished! 

If you need help setting up the best workflow possible for organizing your thousands of photographs, just give me a call!

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