Don’t be mislead by all the hype.

Most photography enthusiasts don’t understand
the basics of photography and they certainly don’t know how to operate their
cameras as competently as they should. 
They love the art and practice of photography; enjoy the outings, and the
creative energy that is stirred when on the hunt searching out the next great
shot. But too often they struggle, and are perplexed as to why they cannot capture
in a shot what truly moved them.

This is so common, so rampant among photo
hobbyists and even those perusing professional photography that I would like to
shed some light on it.

From my years of studying the art and practice
of photography combined with conducting my workshops and teaching over the past 20 years, I’ve discovered one aspect that is making todays budding
photographers prone to being inept at handling their cameras.

They have been mislead into thinking like a
consumer instead of thinking like a photographer. A consumer thinks he has to
buy his way out of a problem; a photographer who understands the basics of
photography thinks creatively, selects the right equipment and accomplishes the
desired result. He knows his tools well. …He also shoots on manual and knows
the reasons why. He only selects auto settings to work more quickly but fully
understands exactly what any auto setting is doing.

Nikon, Canon and all other manufacturers of
cameras are trying to solve your problems for you instead of providing equipment
for photographers that actually understand the basics of photography. 

Manufacturers market the auto settings of a
camera as if the auto settings are what make the camera superior to the
competition and are what make you a better photographer. It just isn’t true.
It’s your understanding of the basics that will make you a great photographer or at least a competent one.

You can put a basic consumer level camera
in the hands of a real pro and he’ll find a way to make it do his bedding and
come out with great shots. On the other hand if you put a state of the art
precision camera with the sharpest of lenses in the hands someone who has not learnt how to control a camera completely and
confidently. Well… he wouldn’t win any awards.

The crazy thing is that with all the auto
settings for portraits, kids portraits, group portraits, backlit portraits,
landscapes, close-ups, shooting action, shooting at night, Auto ISO, auto mode, etc, etc, your camera’s
manual has gotten pretty thick…the funny thing is the fundamental basics of
photography is less reading, and armed with these basics all the auto settings
become easy to understand and therefore easy to apply.

The fundamental basics that you need to
know completely, thoroughly and honestly are just a few. Starting in manual
mode… understand everything there is to know about operating the shutter,
aperture, ISO, camera’s light meter, white balance and lens focus options.

Learn and understand these six “tools”
really well and the next thing you know everything else related to camera
operation will simplify. Most importantly you will be in the driver’s seat and
your confidents will soar and the creative possibilities will be endless. 

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