The Zone System

I’ve recently delivered a course that is vital to every photographer wanting to take it to the next level - The Zone System. I’ve included the out-line below. It is a real eye opener; the workshop touches on every aspect of creating better photographs. Contact me if your are interested in attending my next workshop on the Zone System.

A great class to do after the Zone System is a workshop I offer that focuses on getting predictable colour from camera to monitor to printer.

THE ZONE SYSTEM - 3 hours - one on one $250 - small groups $125

The Zone System is a technique formulated by Ansel Adams & Fred Archer in the 1930s that provides a standardized way of working that guarantees a correct exposure in every situation, even in the trickiest lighting conditions.This seminar has been designed to teach you the basics of the Zone System as applied to digital photography.

The class will finish with a focus on applying the Zone System to processing black& white images.What You Will Learn• How to see what your camera sees
• When shooting in manual mode, how to adjust your exposure settings to achieve richer, more vibrant exposures
• How to solve all kinds of exposure issues
• How to adjust the exposure of selected parts of your image in post productionWho Should Attend
• Photographers looking to learn the Zone System or to improve their lighting/exposure prowess. 

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